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Truck Rush Truck Rush

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Just ok.

Very simple concept. Not too original.
It's only my opinion, but i don't think that much work was put into this game.
What i mean by that is that the music is always the same, the background is fine, but sadly it is always the same, the blocks always look the same, and it seems that there is no other object than blocks that you have to avoid. This game also has no items and no additional stuff. Come on, some variety would have made this game lots better. For me, it's a game that was made in one day when you were bored. It's a great game to kill some time, but it needs more stuff. If you could improve on these points i think you could make a great game.

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agitatedferret responds:

Not every game needs to be a big giant game. In fact, I think that would be less original. Here I have developed a very nice simple game thats easy to play and easy to get into. There are people on the site that respect that sort of thing. Regardless, I do respect your opinion and thank you for your review. Just telling you my side of the story.

Free Bounce! - Test Ver. Free Bounce! - Test Ver.

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Decent idea, quite difficult controls. It's another way of controlling a ball though, never saw this before. Programming seems all right.

Your graphics aren't that great, background excepted. Maybe you could improve on the ball an the platforms. It also needs more items and additional stuff, but i guess i'll see that on the full version?

Too bad this is a ''test-version'' (test are not very appreciated on NG, post your tests on NG Alpha) with only like four levels. Come on, at least finish your game or make some more levels before you submit a test version which is completed in less than a minute.

Your 'game' does not have a mute button. That would be handy. Sorry, but i can't give this a decent score if it's just a few levels long and if it needs some work anyway.

Rapid Roll Rapid Roll

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Very Simple

I did not like this game. It's too simple, too plain. This is something that i make in a hour. Not a very original game.

The gameplay is also very simple and gets boring quickly. The only thing you have to do is moving a ball between some platforms, of which some cost you a life. Then there is a bonus ball and a extra life ball. Come on, you should have added more stuff for a decent game. You also didn't bother adding a background but just plain grey. This game does not look appealing. The music is repetitive, but luckily you added a mute button.

Also, what is wrong with the controls? The ball sometimes suddenly goes slower or does not respond to keypresses correctly. Fix that please, your controls are not smooth.

You could also improve on the graphics. A lot. Too simple, too boring, made with the rectangle tool, drawn in a few seconds. You didn't make a good game and if you could improve on these points then at least you could make a decent game.

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Manhattan Project Manhattan Project

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice game

A nice game that does deserve its frotnpage. An overall good effort. I can see that you've worked hard on this game. However, i think there are some points that you can improve on. I didn't like the game at some points. Let me make myself clear.

I'll start off with the idea and the story of the game. There is nothing wrong with the idea. The idea is even really great and funny. A child version of Einstein that has to destroy 'cities' (I'd call it villages) as an assignment. Not historically accurate at all, but very nice. Well made up! I liked the cutscene in the beginning and the music that came with it. There isn't really a story, but i think this game doesn't need one necessarily.

It is only my opinion and you can rate this review as useless if you like, but i didn't really like the gameplay. The only thing you have to do is clicking with the mouse. Nothing else. I don't know if you have to use other controls later in the game as i only got to the 10th day or so, but i only had to use mouseclicks. The game is also quite luck-based. Of course you can do more damage when you aim for a place with many houses and barrels. But the cars that crossed the road and assist in the chainreaction were pure luck. The levels don't look like cities, but they look like little villages. Every level has like only a few houses, some cars, some hobo's and that's about it. Now there might be levels with many more buildings later in the game. But if there are indeed levels that have more buildings, these levels should come earlier.

But this game's programming seems flawless. I have tried to find bugs or glitches by messing around with the controls a bit and i couldn't find any. Good work on making a glitchfree game. Everything seems to work fine as it's supposed to work. But i didn't mention that this game gets very laggy sometimes, even when i turn the quality to the lowest option possible it didn't change anything. It was difficult to play your game that way. It could be just my computer though.

On the the graphics and the art. I really like the graphics style of this game. Looks like things are made of paper. This is not a graphics style that you would expect in a game where you have to destroy everything. That's why i like the style you're going for. I also liked the background art and the menu background. Well done! I can see you have taken your time on making the graphics, they don't look rushed. The explosions could have been a bit better though.

Though i think that the gameplay isn't too good, you did have lots of additional stuff which is good. It makes your game more appealing and more fun to play.
The upgrades, for example, were a good addition. Same for the medals. The upgrades were a nice idea. I liked how you could have different upgrade levels. Well done on that! Some upgrades cost a lot though. Maybe it should be a bit less. But that doesn't matter that much. Good additional stuff.

The music and sound effects were great. Despite you got them all from the audio portal, but you chose the right ones. They fit the game really well. The sound effect were great as well, i liked how the music changed as soon as the bomb hit something.

So overall you made a cool game that i can see you worked hard on. But if you could improve on these points, your game would be even more awesome. A nice effort, keep it up. 4/5 - 8/10. (and please remove the ad at the beginning)

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Larry And The Gnomes Larry And The Gnomes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Beautiful game that really deserves being frontpaged. An incredible nice effort. I think this took very long to make, but it was surely worth it. You have incredible
skills in developing games, my compliments! Let me make myself clear.

I only just got through act 1, but i can already tell that this game is very fun to play and never gets boring. Due to the huge variation of stuff in the game like enemies, items medals and all the other addititonal things this game (like the many weapons) doesn't get boring and is a real challenge to fully complete. You did a great job on this. Very extended game with lots of features. There's so much to see and do in this game. Like getting all the medals for example, collecting all the gems. Beating all the bosses and finishing the game. Great job!

The art, graphics and animation of this game are very great. Smooth and nice animation, great graphics which was really put effort and time in as i can see, and nice background art. Visually beautiful. I liked the drawings in the begin of the game very much, like they came straight from the art portal. This game is truly one of the best great games that are submitted on Newgrounds. All of you guys have done your work very well.

Another very good point about this game is the music. There is so much music to be heard in this game, great! The music also fits the game really well. Nice and good sound effects. Decent and clear voice acting. I like the story of the game, good job! Programming is also perfect. This game seems completely bug/glitchfree. Flawless programming, everything works fine. Kudos to the programmer!

Maybe the bosses are a tiny bit too hard. I had a very hard time defeating the Act 1 wizard boss. It's also a pity that this game doesn't come with a score. I think it would be just awesome to create competition between the players to see who is the best at this game.

But overall this game is just amazing. My great compliments to all of you guys. I can see that you've worked hard on this game. Keep awesomeness like this up.
You are all very skilled in making games, i like to see more of your work for sure. Great job guys, epic game! 5/5 10/10

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Bubble in Trouble Bubble in Trouble

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well, the programming seems ok as i couldn't discover any bugs or glitches. What i did notice is that the music plays twice when you hit the 'Retry' button. This game is just ok.

It's only my opinion, but this game is not very original. Maybe if you added some more stuff it would be better. The fact that you have to slow down the bubble before you get to the finish and the speed walls were a decent idea. Though you could have added more additional stuff, this makes a game lots better. Think of items or whatever. The game gets quite boring after a while.

The game is quite difficult, the controls are maybe just a tiny bit too sensitive. Make the ball move slower for example. Or maybe you could have added checkpoints, it is quite frustrating at some levels to have to start all over again. It's only a suggestion.

The graphics are lazy in my opinion, they are very simple. A plain background and black walls. Make the game look more appealing and fun to play by improving on your graphics. The music was good, but maybe you could have added more than one track. But it doesn't matter that much. Pressing the space bar for each level gets a little but annoying after a while, but it isn't really a big deal aswell.

For my verdict, i think you can make a better game if you could improve on these points. This is a decent effort but could be an awesome effort.
6/10 - 3/5
- Pollux

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christolilov responds:

Well second one is on the way and from what Ive red so far Im thinking of adding:
-Working Score system
-Difficulty setting affecting the controls(I really like them as they are)
-More level detail
-more sounds
-powerups(tho I cant think of what they can be 0.o)
A level select menu with different environments and such..
-Level editor
Thanks for your detailed review and for the relatively high score.
Stay tuned =)

Falling Balls Falling Balls

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Can be much better.

This game is quite simple and gets boring after a while. The idea is ok, but you can do much better. Same for the graphics. Let me make myself clear.

I'll start off with the idea of the game. It's ok, it's original. It looks like bubble trouble, only thing here is that you got one life. I think it would be better if you had more than one life. This makes people play your game for longer and it motivates.

On to the graphics and animations. The animations are fine. I like how the character gets crushed by a ball, smooth animation. Well done. However, i think the graphics are really lazy. Just white and black, except for the red blood. Plain and simple. Make your game more appealing with nicer and perhaps more colorful graphics. The graphics are, in my opinion, a rushjob.

For the gameplay itself, it seems that you didn't bother to add additional stuff in the game. Make your game more fun to play with additional stuff like items, enemies, ranks, whatever you can think of! Of course you don't have to excaggurate, but believe me, this makes your game already a lot better and more fun to play. As the game is now, it gets boring after a while.

The music is not that good, but that doesn't matter too much. What i mean by that is that this game only has one music track, perhaps you should have added some more. But that's not that extremely necessary, i won't give a lower score for this.

Submitting highscores doesn't work, i also read this in your author comments. It would be better if it worked before you uploaded this. Putting a mochi highscore system in your game is extremely easy. Just download the API from mochi games, paste the 'mochi' map in your .FLA classpath, add the actionscripts that are given to you on their website to your movie as instructed, and you're done. Just trying to help you here. I hope it's going to work.

For glitches/bugs and the programming, great job. This game seems bug/glitchfree and the programming is flawless and works fine. Good job.

So for the final verdict, i am saying that if you can improve on the points i mentioned, you can make a great game. It's a nice shot, but it just isn't good enough. 2/5 - 4/10
- Pollux

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tri-circle responds:

nice reveiw, cant beleive i read the whole thing, i do beleive scored me a bit too low. thats the kinda score people give to newbies for effort. i kinda like the graphics, its based off of a popular ipod app and i tried to keep them the same. the programming is flawless, i test the coding every couple of lines to eradicate glitchs then i test every outcome i can think of to see it doesnt glitch out. thanks for the critisism, i aint good with music and i didnt even want to use elevator music that much because its so oiverused already.
Oh and by the way, the animation is smooth because its scripted randomly. i used a gravity based script for the organs flying and the blood was easy to animate because its just a random red splatter!

Super Mario HalloweenBash Super Mario HalloweenBash

Rated 2 / 5 stars


A halloween version of Mario is a decent idea, and the fact that you can choose between different characters and music is also good, but i'm afraid that's about the only good stuff i can say about this game. This game needs a LOT of work and improvements, just so many things are not good.

First of all, the graphics. Just bad. Look at the platforms for example, nothing more than just plain white platforms created with something we call the rectangle tool. Come on, it can be better than that. Way better. Same thing for the enemies, just gif images still with white pixels floating around. It's ok to work with sprites, but this is just bad. Same for the background. Pitch black and boring.

Then i still didn't mention all the bugs and glitches that this game have. The enemies just float around in the air and do not stay on the platforms, and i'm not only talking about bats. It's also possible to sag way into the platforms with the characters, fix that. Just a little thing, but clicking Ok on those information screens is annoying. Just pressing space and then the window closing would be better.

It just doesn't look too good, is plain and simple and has some glitches in it.
It also needs to be bigger, as it only has one level. Sorry man, but this just needs a lot of work to be a good game. If you could improve on these points you could set up a really good game.

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Spirit of the Sea Spirit of the Sea

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Fish fighting in a forst with trees coming to life and hitting the player surrounded by fish statues? Lol. What a good idea. A Good game, but it needs a few improvements.

The first thing i noticed is that you don't have a score, only a HP bar. It would be much more fun if you had a score and could, eventually, submit it. The idea is really great and the game is overall good, but it would be better with a score system, believe me. For the music, it fits the game really well. Maybe you could have added a little bit more stuff like special attacks or something. Would just make the game a little bit better.

But anyway, I have nothing to complain about the graphics, neither about the programming. The graphics are fine and i couldn't find any programming issues/bugs/glitches, so well done on that!

An overall good effort. Keep it up! And still, the idea is cool.
4/5 - 7/10
- Pollux

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vegetable-insanity responds:

I'll add a score system, you being able to submit it, i don't know if i'm gonna be able to do that. Special attacks... that would be nice i think i can do it. Happy to hear you liked the idea of the game, it's nice to have good reviews like this.

Bounce Ball! Bounce Ball!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Meh.. Just ok.

I will just be very honest, this game isn't really that good. The progamming is good. The idea is also ok, but this game gets boring quite fast and there are quite some things that you can improve on.

First of all, there is no music added in this game. There are also barely sound effects, except for when the ball bounces. Come on, add some music tracks or sound effects and i'm sure that your game will be directly a lot better. I see that you also didn't bother adding additional stuff in this game. Make obstacles, enemies, items, whatever. This is just very plain and simple, also for the graphics. But this can also be a style you're going for, so the graphics don't really matter that much. But overall this game gets boring fast, especially if it doesn't have any music or barely any sound effects.

I also noticed that there is an ad that you see everytime you finish a level. I think i speak for everyone by saying that this is just annoying. Why does there have to be an ad for everytime a level is finished? I'd remove it. The last thing is the hit detection of the red walls. I've gone right through these a few times without being stopped and just finished the level this way.

So overall this game is just ok. It's not a really amusing game. If you can improve on these things i'm sure that you can set up an awesome game.
2/5 - 5/10
- Pollux

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