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The Earth Is Round (TEIR) - New platformer in development!

2010-07-28 18:26:43 by Zoete

Hey everyone,

I recently started developing a big platform game called 'The Earth Is Round'. The game is going to be a puzzling platformer with much action and battle. There are lots of features planned for the game, such as various weapons, spells, levels and worlds, bosses, puzzles, enemies, collectables, unlockables, different characters to talk to, shops and there are surely going to be medals! The game is going to have a story as well. I don't dare to tell a release date, because i have no idea when the game will be finished. But we're working hard on it, and it looks pretty neat. When the first pair of levels are finished, it will be submitted on NG Alphas.

The game is going to be a collaborative effort between me (programming, graphics and story) and K. Janssens (animation). I'm looking forward on finishing the game!


- Updates -

Things that have been done:

- All weapons have been made
- All spells have been made
- Programming has been completely done
- Menu has been designed and made
- Music for all stages has been selected
- Worlds and levels have been decided

Release date around: Somewhere around June/July 2011, as there are seven worlds planned and the first world took us two months to make. Ok,we needed more time for town than the rest is going to need as i still had to do all the programming. As there are seven world planned, i guess each world is going to take me about a month to make. Know that this is a very rough estimation.

The Earth Is Round (TEIR) - New platformer in development!


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2010-07-29 18:24:51

Wow, it looks like it will be pretty awesome.


2010-09-22 08:25:44

Hey man, do you need any extra help?


2010-10-10 21:14:20